How to contact Halifax customer service

There are many ways that you can get in touch with Halifax Customer Service whenever you have any issues that you want to be resolved. They have established a number of phone lines which can be used to contact their customer care representatives. If you have any queries for your Bank account, the number you should look for is 0345 720 3040. This number should be the one where you channel your queries if you are still within the UK. If you are now calling from abroad, then Halifax Bank gives you +44 1132 421 984 as the number to dial. If you want to switch from another bank to Halifax, then there is an online form which you have to fill. This online form contains all the details that you need to make the switching as long as you follow the instructions.

Contact for bereavement

Halifax has also created a number which one can call when they seek bereavement advice. If you have any questions about their bereavement process, then you can try arranging an appointment with one of their specialists with whom you can discuss the details. The number to call for this is 0800 028 1057. This specialist is there to help you in handling all matters that relate to the account of the deceased person. If you don’t think calling will solve your issue, then you can visit one of their branches and have a one on one talk with their customer care representative. Try using the branch finder which will help you to reach one of them.

Call them for online banking

If you have any queries about your online banking, then you can try 0345 602 0000 for any questions or issues that you may have with the process. This online banking is a good way for you to do your banking easily and with precision. You can now pay your bills or manage your account via the online banking system. If you haven’t registered with them, you can try registering online by going to the registration page and filling in all the details required on the online form. For those who already have an account with Halifax online banking, then yours will simply be to sign in using your password and username provided.

Contact for credit cards

There is a number which has also been provided for general inquiries about credit card issues. The phone to dial for this is 0345 944 4555. Using the online banking system, one can make payments for credit cards. The best way would be to first create an account with the online banking system so as to access these services. There is an eligibility checker which is what you should use to determine if you qualify for a credit card.

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